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Most orders ship from Louisville, KY.
Orders for Preakness merchandise may ship from Baltimore, MD after May 6th.
Orders ship within 3-4 business days after they are received.

Overnight and 2-Day shipments will incur additional shipping charges.
Orders shipping outside the United States will incur additional shipping charges.
Please allow for 1-5 days shipping with Ground depending on your location. This means that orders could take up to two weeks to receive in some areas (For Example: California and Nevada).
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Shipping Costs Continental U.S. Alaska, Hawaii & PR Int'l
Order Sub-Total Ground 2-Day Next Day 2-Day Next Day
Up to $15.00 $7.00 $19.00 $34.00 $21.00 $34.00 $25.00
$15.01 to $35.00 $12.00 $26.00 $38.00 $28.00 $39.00 $37.00
$35.01 to $75.00 $15.00 $30.00 $47.00 $32.00 $49.00 $54.00
$75.01 and Up $18.00 $35.00 $55.00 $38.00 $59.00 $63.00

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